• First

    We talk

    We meet, we talk about what you're going through and hoping to achieve, and what I (and coaching) can do about it. I explain how I work and we decide if we're a good fit - the coaching relationship is a vital foundation to move forwards and achieve profound results
  • Then

    We unpack

    We start to explore, delving into the underlying causes of whats happening. We work on developing greater self awareness, testing out new perspectives, ways of thinking and behaviors, and start developing a plan to move forward.
  • During

    We check in

    We try new methods, discuss whats working and what isn't, continue to explore possibilities to ensure we are always heading towards your goal
  • And finally

    We overcome

    Through getting to the root cause, developing strategies and new behaviors and creating a higher level of self awareness in the process, we overcome the issues that have held you back and move towards a fuller, flourishing life!

New Zealand based, I run all my coaching sessions via Skype, Zoom, or audio call – so wherever you may be located, an internet connection is all we need.

This is a holistic approach to coaching that works to identify and address issues within key areas of your life (work, relationships, purpose, life balance, wellbeing) whilst still looking at the overall picture for where you are now and where you want to be. Through each session, we work to explore and uncover whats going on, see things from a different perspective and better understand the ideal outcome. We get unstuck, and back in control. This is about making lasting change – a relationship designed to assist you in developing greater self awareness, allowing you to better identify your potential and strengths, help grow your confidence and ultimately enable you to realize the vision of your ideal self.

  • "Wow, it is so much fun working with Rasa! She holds the space incredibly well during our sessions. At times I can become pretty side tracked. It is super helpful that Rasa has a knack for bringing things back around and keeping them going in the direction that I'm moving towards. When I think and feel I haven't really made any progress, she brought up several examples tracking me through what I have done and showed me the progress that I had made. In addition, we took some time to celebrate them. I found this to be very helpful in keeping me motivated to move forward and embrace the process of making my desired changes even more!" - David, Virginia
  • "One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think" - Martin Seligman

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